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We have chosen a wonderful wedding dinner menu, and we hope that you will enjoy it too.

But perhaps our preference is not yours.


Normally on a wedding all guests receive the same menu, with exception of guests who are vegetarian or who have food intolerancies.


However, we have agreed with our weddingplanners and the venue that our guests will have the option to choose an alternative for each dish.


In short, you have 3 options for each dish ;

  • If you do nothing, then you will be served the dishes we have chosen in the menu

  • However, you can order an alternative dish for each course

  • or choose the vegetarian - food intolerancies option


If you do prefer an alternatieve dish or the vegetarian / intolerancy dish, then it's important to

 make your choice via the online wedding planner no later then 1 month prior to the wedding


The vegetarian - Food intolerancy option


If you're a vegetarian, or you have food intolerancies, then please visit the vegetarian - food intolerancy page now, because it's important to order your special menu no later then 1 month prior to the wedding


If not, you will be served the standard menu.