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Vegetarians & intolerancies

We also want to accommodate to our guests who are vegetarians, or who have food intolerancies.

If you are a vegetarian, or you have food intoleranciers, obviously you will require a special menu.


Most hotels nowadays offer some kind of food intolerancy breakfast, and if not you're usually allowed to bring some own food ingredients.


In restaurants or wedding venues it's important to notify them beforehand.


Our wedding planners finalise the planning of our wedding approximatlely 1 month prior to the wedding.


This will ensure that all the suppliers, venues, etc will receive the information they need in a timely manner, so they too can make the necessary arrangements.


Therefore it's important to make your choices for the menus no later then 1 month prior to the wedding,

so that our wedding planners then can coördinate all menu requirements with the venues.


Making your choice known to our wedding planners is easy.

Just go to the online wedding planner, login and select your choice for every meal.


But don't forget to do so no later then 1 month before the wedding.

If not, you will be served the standard menu.


What is the vegetarian - food intolerancy option


For each dish, the venue offers a vegetarian - food intolerancy option.

But it's obviously not possible to make for each person a different dish.


Therefore, the venue creates for each dish 1 vegetarian - food intolerancy alternative that is suitable for all guests who have ordered the special dish because it does not contain nuts, gluten, lactose or seafood.


The venue creates the dishes in accordance with the market produce on the wedding day, and therefore it's not known beforehand which dish exactly will be served.


But rest a sure, each venue will try to satisfy each customer, regardless of his or her menu choice.