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Here you can find practical info about our wedding, ...

Welcome dinner


We have planned a welcome dinner, a moment to catch up with old friend. and meet new ones.

In short, a perfect moment and place to enjoy a nice, informal dinner prior to the wedding.

For more info, have a look at the welcome dinner page.


Hairdresser & make-up service


For the wedding day it's possible to order hairdresser and/or make up service.

More info on our hair & make up page


Wedding day lunch


In Spain, dinner is server rather late, so it's a good idea to check our wedding day lunch page.


Wedding day dresscode


Casual ( free choice ) / casual chique ( men in jacket without tie ) /  Semi-formal ( men in jacket with tie ) / Formal ( men in 2 or 3 piece suit ) / Black tie ( men in tuxedo ) / Themed ...


Wedding day meeting point & place


On the wedding day we meet ...( where and when )


We will / will not return to the accommodation until after the wedding party.


Please be on time !


We have gone to great lengths to plan the whole day as perfectly as possible, and therefore we cannot wait for people who arrive late.


Wedding venue


I'm not going to tell you all about our wedding venue because I want to keep it as a surprise,

but I do wish to share some useful information about our wedding venue


Wedding dinner


We have chosen a wonderful wedding dinner menu, but perhaps our preference is not yours, or perhaps you're vegetarian or you have food intolerancies.


Our venue can serve a special menu, but they require for you to make your choice no later then 1 month prior to the wedding. If not, you will be served our menu of choice. More info on our wedding dinner page


Speeches and acts


We welcome speeches and acts, but we kindly ask you to inform our wedding planners of your intentions, so that they can plan the perfect moment for your speech or act.


Also, we kindly ask you to keep it short, so that the party can start as planned !

For more info, have a look at the speeches & acts page


Thai fortune balloon and fireworks


In the Spanish Costa Blanca it's usually nice and warm, and that's marvelous for a wedding, but it also creates a risk of fire, and therefore, thai fortune balloons, fire, and (even small) fireworks are strictly forbidden, and the unauthorised use of them can result in huge fines. More info on our fireworks and fortune lampions page.


Return to the accommodation


It's a very bad idea to drink & drive, and the Spanish police is omnipresent to enforce the law.

Therefore, we have booked a shuttle service, so guests who are tired can return to their accommodation.


This shuttle bus will be available from ... to ... hour.


Please note that the capacity of the shuttle bus is limited, and possibly not sufficient to bring all remaining guests back to the accommodation at the end of the service.

Fortunately, taxi's are cheap in Spain, and you can order a taxi at the bar.




Your attendance is a gift by itself, for which we are very greatful.

But if you are thinking or searching for something extra, ...


After the wedding


We have planned some activities also after the wedding.


... post wedding lunch ...

... post wedding dinner ...

... post wedding excursion - activity ...


Questions ?


Beside our wedding planners in Spain, we have asked some people to help us plan the wedding,

and they're happy to answer any questions you may.