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Photo and Video

From such an important event in our lives, we have booked professional photographers, and we fully rely on them to create an amazing coverage of our wedding.

Online professional photo gallery


These photo's wil be available after the wedding and will be placed in a private, online gallery.

The photos are not on the internet, and are only be accessible via a special link.

The link will be posted here once the photos are ready.


The link to our professional photo gallery :

Password :


Photo's taken by guests


Of course we highly appreciate you, as our guests, making photo's as well.

We only ask, that you remain seated during the ceremony, and we kindly ask you to make your photo's as disretely as possible.


This will ensure that the photo's taken by the professional photographers will reflect the wedding and more specifically the wedding ceremony exactly as we wish them to be, with all guests seated, and no arms stretched out to make a photo.


Online guest photo gallery


Our wedding planners have created a special private online photo and video gallery for us, where you can upload your photo's and video ( max 20" per video ).


So, if everybody uploads his or her photo's and video of maximum 20 minutes, then we all can enjoy looking at them using the link. Great, huh !


The gallery is completely private, and on the Costa Blanca Events secure server, and is only accessible via a special link ;


To upload your photo's or video ; ( link )


Once uploaded, only people who have the special link can view, and download the photo's for free.


To view or download the photo's or video : ( link )


The photos and video will remain online for one year, sufficient time for anyone to download them.

After 1 year, the gallery with the photos and video will be deleted without prior notice