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We have organised an excursion / activity on ...

It's not an obligation, but of course we would appreciate very much your attendance.


However, please confirm your attendance no later then 1 month prior to the wedding, so that our wedding planners can make the necessary arrangements with the venue.


You can confirm your attendance via the online wedding planner




When & where




Meeting place & time




Please be on time !












Vegetarian - food intolerancy option


If you're a vegetarian, or you have food intolerancies, then please visit the vegetarian - food intolerancy page now, because it's important to order your special menu no later then 1 month prior to the wedding


If not, you will be served the standard menu.






Comment from our wedding planners


This is not a formal part of the wedding, so our wedding planners have booked the service for us,

but they will not attend, nor coördinate this activity.