Bride & Groom

(place), (date)


We recommend our guests to stay in the selected accommodation(s).


If so, it's a lot easier to arrange for airport transfer, and transport to and from the wedding venue.

Our wedding planners have negotiated a great deal with the accommodation(s).


The accommodation(s) have ensured us that at the time of your booking it's not possible to find the same accommodation and type of room, for the same dates, and with the same conditions at a lower price, so I think this is truly a good deal.


And of course, it's also a lot easier to attend the other things we have planned, such as the welcome dinner, ...


And you will probably also save on the cost of the airport transfers, because more guests will travel together.


Our wedding planners have a great system where you can see which accommodation(s) we have selected, and you can submit a booking request directly via their system.


The booking request is then submitted to the accommodation, and you will be notified when confirmed.


To view and request a booking to the accommodation(s) we have selected, click on the link below ;


( link to the wedding accommodation booking request page )